In Mississippi, a spirit of service permeates all we do. Our people, our stories, and our dedication to defending freedom distinguish the Hospitality State from any other place on earth. This is a place where young people from small, rural towns come to put their values in action. This is a place where patriotism becomes a pathway to freedom, where heroes are made and lifelong bonds are born. This is the place where heroes return to remember, to reflect, and to inspire others to answer the call.

Mississippi’s unbreakable spirit of service lives at the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum. Here, we amplify the whispers of our unsung heroes. We protect the precious artifacts that hold our history. We keep our veterans’ stories alive. We make the historical personal as we connect past, present, and future. A brighter, more beautiful future rests on our ability to preserve and reckon with our past. We honor our heroes. We defend our stories. We inspire the next generation of service members to create their own legacies on Mississippi soil.

The mission of the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum is to collect, preserve, interpret, exhibit, and hold in public trust for the exclusive benefit of the people, significant historical property related to the history of the State of Mississippi and its contributions to the Armed Forces of the United States from the early 19th Century to the present.