Through its ever-growing collection, the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum strives to preserve the stories and sacrifices of service members and the history of the armed forces in Mississippi. The Museum continues to seek additions to its collection to ensure those stories are not lost for future generations.

If you have artifacts or archival materials you would like to offer as a donation to MAFM’s collection, please complete the Artifact Donation Form below for consideration. Each donation offer will be carefully reviewed by the Museum’s Collections Committee. If it is determined that your offer may meet the needs of the Museum, you will be notified by Collections staff.

If you need assistance or have additional questions, please contact the Museum Curator at 601-558-2377 or




To aid in the Museum's evaluation of your donation offer, please provide any documentation, photographs, or other information on the chain of ownership, historical significance of your donation, and its specific relation to the State of Mississippi. Including provenance on the artifacts helps preserve the personal stories associated with each item and allows the Museum to better interpret the artifacts.

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What types of items does the Museum collect?

MAFM collects artifacts and archival materials related to the history of the armed forces in Mississippi, including uniforms, personal equipment, firearms, edged weapons, vehicles, flags, insignia, medals, photographs, scrapbooks, letters, diaries, souvenirs, and more. Items pertaining to the military service of minorities and women from Mississippi are especially desired to fill gaps in the current collection.

What criteria is used to determine if an item is appropriate for the collection?

In order for an item to be accepted into MAFM’s collection, it must meet a certain collecting criteria. Criteria for evaluating items for acceptance into the collection includes the following:

  • Artifacts must be relevant to and advance the mission of the Museum.
  • Items acquired must fill an actual or forecasted gap in the existing collections or replace inferior examples.
  • Items can be made available for exhibitions and research.
  • Adequate care, storage facilities, and properly trained Museum staff must be available to maintain items in keeping with professionally accepted standards.
  • The Museum and its staff must be sensitive to and fully comply with State, Federal, and international laws and regulations governing the acquisition, sale, and transfer of cultural properties.
  • The Museum must obtain free and clear title to all items acquired without restrictions as to use or future disposition.
  • The Museum must receive reasonable assurances that the present owner has a clear and verifiable title of ownership to each item offered for acquisition and has obtained the item legally and ethically.

Please note that even though your item may have intrinsic or historic value, these factors may have no bearing on MAFM’s ultimate decision of whether or not to accept your offer. MAFM may have similar items in storage, or the item may not fit into the Museum’s collecting scope. A decision made not to accept your offer in no way diminishes the value of your item.

How do I donate an artifact to the Museum?

Please complete the Artifact Donation Form on MAFM’s website. Each donation offer will be carefully reviewed by the Museum’s Collections Committee. If it is determined that your offer may meet the needs of the Museum, you will be notified by Collections staff. Arrangements will be made for the items to be mailed or brought to the Museum. Please contact the Museum Historian/Curator at 601-558-2377 or for further questions about the donation process.

Can I drop off or mail artifact donations to MAFM without an appointment?

The Museum strongly prefers for an Artifact Donation Form to be submitted for all items offered as donations to the collection. Unsolicited donations brought or mailed to the Museum are discouraged.

Are all artifacts offered as a donation accepted?

Unfortunately, MAFM is unable to accept all artifacts offered as a donation. Only items directly related to the Museum’s mission will be considered. Duplicates and items similar to ones presently in the collection are often not accepted. Exhibit and collections storage limitations also prohibit some artifacts from being accepted for the collection. Proper staff to care for the items offered must also be available.

What happens after my items are received by the Museum?

The Museum’s Collections Committee meets bi-monthly to review donation offers. If your item is approved for the collection, a Deed of Gift will be mailed transferring ownership from you to the Museum. Any items not accepted by the Collections Committee will be returned.

What are the different collections maintained by the Museum?

Items donated to the Museum are placed in one of two collections. MAFM’s Permanent Collection contains significant items that merit perpetual care and professional preservation standards. The Education Collection contains reproductions and other expendable items for research and educational purposes.

Will my donated artifact be placed on exhibit?

MAFM cannot guarantee that a donated artifact will be placed on exhibition. Only a small percentage of the collection is displayed. Those items not exhibited are properly cared for and housed in secure, climate controlled storage areas, ensuring their preservation for generations to come. The Museum does often rotate artifacts on exhibit and features temporary exhibitions, allowing for more of the collection to be accessible to the public. The collection is also available for research purposes.

Are there special procedures for donating firearms or other weapons?

Transportation of firearms, edged weapons, and live ammunition onto Camp Shelby is restricted and requires special coordination with MAFM staff prior to a donation. All donation offers of such items to the Museum must follow donation policies. Do not bring a firearm, edged weapon, or live ammunition onto Camp Shelby or to the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum without prior authorization and instructions from Museum staff. If authorized to transport a weapon to Camp Shelby for an appointment, please transport it in a case, bag, or blanket. Do not brandish a weapon while at Camp Shelby or on MAFM’s grounds. Never attempt to disassemble ordnance (bombs, grenades, artillery projectiles, cartridges, etc.) to determine if it is live or not.

Can MAFM staff appraise my artifacts for monetary value?

Due to IRS regulations, Museum staff are not able to appraise artifacts. To find a licensed appraiser in your area, contact the American Society of Appraisers or the Appraisers Association of America.