The Mississippi Armed Forces Museum collects and preserves historical artifacts and archival materials related to Mississippi’s many contributions to the United States Armed Forces from the 19th century to the present. MAFM’s extensive collection focuses on the military service of Mississippians and veterans who trained in the state, as well as the rich history of Camp Shelby and other military installations in Mississippi.

The Museum’s holdings are comprised of a variety of artifacts and archival materials, including uniforms, personal equipment, firearms, edged weapons, vehicles, flags, insignia, medals, photographs, letters, diaries, scrapbooks, ephemera, souvenirs, and more.

Among the Museum’s collection are Medals of Honor awarded to Colonel Van T. Barfoot and Private First Class Mack A. Jordan, First Lieutenant Edgar Coffey’s M1911 pistol carried during the Mexican Punitive Expedition, “Mississippi’s Most Decorated Doughboy” Henry Jetton Tudury’s helmet and medals from World War I, Vera Anderson McDonald’s trophy from the First National Women’s Welding Championship in 1943 at Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation, a Spanish-American War era coat worn by a lieutenant in the 2nd Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Private Willie E. King’s Purple Heart Medal and personal possessions sent to his family following his death at D-Day, a bronze bust of Congressman G.V. “Sonny” Montgomery by artist Dr. Kim Sessums, and a miniature piano and artwork handmade by German prisoners at Prisoner of War Camps in Mississippi from 1943-1946.

Some of the materials in the Museum’s archival collection include documents and photographs related to the German Prisoner of War Camp at Camp Shelby in World War II, photographs of Vera Anderson McDonald’s participation in the First and Second National Women’s Welding Championships, letters and photographs related to Samuel Kaye Jr.’s World War I experience as part of the 94th Aero Squadron, and a letter collection related to James C. Bufkin’s experience as a prisoner of war in Germany during World War II. Also included are materials related to the 85th Infantry Division and Polar Bear Association of World War II, a large Camp Shelby panoramic photograph collection, and materials related to Maidie B. Jones’ Gold Star Pilgrimage in 1930.


Visit the Museum’s online artifact collection and learn more about Mississippi’s military history.