VIETNAM WAR | (1955-1975)

Once again coming to the defense of a democratic nation under duress, the United States committed men and material to the country of South Vietnam beginning in 1961. In an extremely unpopular war, the US military fought against its enemy with limited tactics as well as limited home front and political support. Yet, America still managed to produce some of the greatest military heroes and stories of sacrifice in what was then America’s longest war. In this gallery, hear two Mississippi veterans recount stories from their time in the jungles of Vietnam. Discover the story of Specialist Joe H. Brown of Jackson and see the medals he was posthumously awarded. Before leaving this gallery, immerse yourself in a medical evacuation scene in one of the Museum’s most captivating dioramas that includes an actual UH-1 Huey helicopter.


Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart Medals awarded to Specialist Joe H. Brown